Healthy Eating at Serviced Accommodation when travelling on business

When travelling on business, the massive advantage of staying in Serviced Accommodation compared to Hotel accommodation, is the facility of your own kitchen with up to the minute appliances.

To be able to cook what and when you prefer, without having to leave the apartment, is a huge benefit.

It is perfectly appropriate to invite business Colleagues to discuss finer points following on from a previous meeting, over a shared meal. Particularly, as you are able, to welcome them into calm and comfortable surroundings, offering seating at a dinning table, unlike the hotel bedroom that would otherwise be your only available space.


The right environment is crucial for a successful business dinner. Surroundings need to be calm and quiet, to enable the focus to be on the guest(s) and not overshadowed and distracted by other raucous dinners that you will inevitably encounter in most hotel restaurants.


Whether sharing a meal with Colleagues, or eating alone, food prepared in your serviced apartment can be inexpensive, imaginative and healthier than the average processed food on the hotel menu.

Importantly, when away on business, is the necessity to fuel your body and mind. Eating specific foods such as oranges containing vitamin C to boost your energy,  Broccoli, containing Vitamin K to promote an alert memory, and fruit and nuts with omega 3 which aids good functioning of the brain.

These foods are imperative to assist the capacity of quick thinking and the ability to keep on top of the fast moving world of commerce. Sadly, too frequently they escape the hotel menu.




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