Serviced Accommodation is the ultimate in luxury and incredible convenience

Serviced Accommodation is the ultimate in luxury and incredible convenience when you are looking apartments for rent through the Mercury Property Group.

2 bedroom apartments for rent


This relatively new type of accommodation is second to none.

Back in the day, those travelling on business, had little choice, either B & B, where they invariably were drained of every ounce of information.
Or take up residence in the portentous atmosphere of the Corporate Hotel.

The 2018 Business Traveler has a very different experience in the forward -thinking world of Serviced Accommodation.

Serviced Accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes, you will not be shoe horned into a tiny box with a cramped bathroom.

Your Serviced Accommodation can be a 1bed, 2bed or 3 bed Apartment, or an entire House.
Even the smallest unit will provide space for preparing and eating food, entertaining, and holding a formal or impromptu business meeting.


2 bedroom apartments for rent

It is no longer necessary to eat alone in a restaurant full of couples, or conduct a fairly informal, but non the less extremely important business discussion, amongst the shrill and meaningless laughter of adjacent dinners.

In your own apartments for rent luxury Serviced Accommodation, you can provide healthy food for a Guest(s) in a relaxed atmosphere and focus on the purpose of the meeting without nearby distractions ruining conversation.

Serviced Accommodation is a must for Family breaks.

Fussy eaters and those with allergies, can be easily catered for without a drama unfolding.

Meal times in hotels and B&B are extremely restrictive, having to be up for this time or that time to avoid missing breakfast which has been paid for.

A wonderful day out has a rushed conclusion because time must be allowed to get ready for dinner, you cannot take a swim, or catch the news, time is running out, the table is booked for 7pm prompt.

Eating in Serviced Accommodation is up to you, meal times can be staggered to comply with the eating patterns of Young Children and Teenagers.

Everyone can eat when they prefer and what they prefer. Those wanting tomato ketchup, can have tomato ketchup.

Comfort is the key point about Serviced Accommodation when on holiday as a Family. To have an apartments for rent lounge area with TV, and individual bedrooms is a huge bonus. Everyone has their own space. Small Children can be settled down in their own bedroom and not be disturbed by adults talking or watching TV.

If you haven’t experienced Serviced Accommodation for Business or Leisure, when you finally do, it is very likely that you will become an avid fan.

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